Things To Consider In Order To Create A Top Notch Website

November 13, 2012

Designing a website is a part of everyday life for many people in today’s society. It is necessary for businesses, and it is also useful for personal applications, such as sharing information with family or expressing views on a favorite hobby. In order to design an effective website for your specific purposes, it is helpful to consider and evaluate a few key topics. Let us dive into those topics to gain a greater understanding of them.

The first thing to consider when designing a website is the site’s intended purpose. Will this be a business site? Is it strictly for pleasure, to be viewed mainly by family and friends? Will it serve a community purpose, such as assisting with neighborhood watch efforts or displaying a neighborhood message board or for sale announcements? The purpose of the site helps to dictate the overall appearance of the site, and that is why it is important to establish this before taking any steps to actually design the site.

After establishing the purpose of the site, it is helpful to consider who the audience will be. Does the intended audience contain children? If so, the language should be less intense and more family friendly. Any graphics should also be “G” rated, “PG” at worst, and appropriate for all age groups. Is this site professional in nature, meant to attract business men and women? If so, specific professional language and terms, as well as pictures and graphics, should be included. If you have an idea of who your audience will contain, you can tailor the graphics and language to best meet the needs of that audience and avoid offending anyone.

After understanding the purpose of the page and the audience, it is beneficial to take a look at how people will view your site. If the site will be viewed primarily on a large computer screen, it is easier to include a lot of graphics and more detailed information. If the site will be viewed on mobile devices such as smart phones or smaller tablets, keeping a more simplistic appearance is beneficial, as that will make it easier for individuals to load your pages quickly and view the most important information. Many businesses create both a standard site and a mobile site, with the mobile site providing more condensed information and less graphics.

Another important thing to consider is how often you will be able to update your site. The last thing you want your site to represent is outdated information that might even be inaccurate. This is especially important if your site is a business site, but it is also important for more personal sites, such as blog sites, if you hope to maintain readers. Consider how often the site can be updated when placing your material. If you will not be able to update it as often, leave out time sensitive information whenever possible. This will help to keep your site looking fresh and remaining interesting to visitors.

When it’s time to tackle website design, ask yourself a few key questions first. By understanding the answers to these questions, you can create a site that attracts viewers and serves the intended purpose. This is a great way to know where you are going with your website and get there in the most effective way possible.