Optimize Your Website By Making Sure It Has Good Content

October 12, 2012

how to optimize website

You can use as many search engine optimization strategies as you want, but they will not make a difference if the content on your website is below average. Before pushing your website out to the public you should first review your content.

The easiest thing you can do to make sure there are no grammar or spelling issues. People will see any website that has these problems as unprofessional which is an even bigger problem if you are running a business website. If you can’t even spell things correctly, why should they expect you to process business transactions effectively? Be sure to proofread everything before you decide to publish it.

Use plagiarism checkers to make sure that you didn’t accidentally steal anything on your website. Even if you think you didn’t, it is still worth checking since you may have done it without realizing it. Visitors really dislike people who steal content, so it is worth doing this extra step that takes no time at all.

People hate hate. Do not write anything that can be seen as sexist or racist. Even if you don’t think what you’re writing is offensive, put yourself in the shoes of a minority and think about what they would think. Often you will be biased one way or the other so you should think about getting somebody else to read over your website. They can spot anything that can come off as offensive even if you didn’t mean it that way. The last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of a boycott over something that you honestly meant no harm by.

People generally want information that is concise and to the point. Use this to your advantage. Don’t write articles that are long and hard to locate information. You also want to know your audience and make sure you do not use language that they will not understand.

Don’t put all of your effort into the actual design of the website. The person who cares the most about how your site looks is you. Any visitors really don’t care that much. As long as it is somewhat pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, they will be happy. Just think about some of the most popular websites right now. They don’t have designs that really catch your eye.

Visitors hate articles that stretch multiple pages. Many of them become suspicious that you are making articles span many pages just so you can get more ad views. This strains the relationship between you and your visitors. Visitors will understand if you break an article that needs to be very long into multiple pages, but if they feel that you could have easily fit more content on each page they will become frustrated over the fact that they have to keep clicking through.

A website isn’t any good if people are not interested in the content the website is bringing. Be sure to create content that people will actually want to read.