How To Get Free Traffic For Your Website?

May 13, 2013

You are sure to have seen the many SEO services that say they can get you free traffic for your website. Be advised that you are best off steering clear of these. The type of traffic they bring is pretty low quality. You will do much better attracting solid, paying customers to your website than having a constant stream of two-second visitors who earn points or pennies or something just for stopping by. In this article, we will discuss the SEO techniques you need to attract solid, targeted traffic to your site. Read on to learn more.

One of the first, simplest and best SEO strategies is updating your website. Do not allow your site to look neglected and forlorn. This might even result in your website being removed by the search engines. That is the last thing you want to happen. You should keep your content fresh and accurate, make sure all links work and all images are displaying properly. Add new content to your site every week, and be sure to survey your site at least weekly to be sure everything is working properly.

If your business is both virtual and actual and you have local customers, include location information in your website. Make it easy for people to find you. This will increase your business and your credibility. Even if you do not have a brick and mortar store, be sure to include a valid mailing address and contact information other than just an e mail address. This helps prove that you are a trustworthy actual person.

Keep up with the latest in appropriate keyword ratio and follow these guidelines. You do not want to beat your readers over the head with keywords. You also do not want the search engines to penalize you for perceived keyword stuffing. Find good keywords at Google AdWords and Google Trends and use then judiciously throughout your content and your site for great search engine results and optimum readability.

Remember that keywords do not have to be the topic of all of your content. They just have to appear in the content appropriately. You can write about popular topics that are related to your product or service and simply include information that will use your keyword well. Depending on what sort of product or service you are selling, you might be able to write about popular topics such as relationships, finances, travel, health matters and more. Use creative brainstorming to think about how your product or service dovetails with the everyday lives of your target audience. This will help you write high quality, compelling content.

Even if you have failed at SEO in the past, don’t give up. These tips should get you started on improving your rankings. SEO is an art form that is constantly changing, so keep learning and keep trying and you will eventually become successful.

When you provide good customer service by keeping your website updated, presenting yourself as a trustworthy, real person, making good use of keywords and including compelling, interesting content on your website, you will naturally enjoy good search engine rankings. Optimizing your website with common sense and good service is one of the easiest ways to practice successful SEO.